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Junior Speaking Contest

JSC regionals

The 22nd of February, we: Eliza Kroon, Marloes Pouels, Quincy Janssen, Goitske Zeillemaker, Mrs. Massaar, Miriam Kroon and Bauke Bakker, went to Kandinsky College in Nijmegen to attend to the regionals of the JSC (Junior Speaking Contest). Eliza and Quincy as speakers, Marloes, Goitske and Bauke as supporters, Miriam as driver and Mrs. Massaar as the supervisor.

After a +/- 30 minute drive, we made it to the college safely. There we had time to eat our lunch before we moved to the room where the speeches would be held. More and more people came in, sat down somewhere and started talking or preparing their speeches.
Finally, a teenage boy stood up and the crowd quietened down. He explained the rules, no mobile phones and keep the tables attached to the seats flipped down, and introduced the jury, question panel, and timekeepers. After he did that, he announced who the first speaker would be, and the speaker stood up and started talking. When she finished talking, the audience applauded and the question panel asked two questions. Then, the speaker sat down and the entire thing repeated for 8 more times before it was Eliza’s turn. She told her interesting speech about escapism without error and answered the questions properly.
Then we had a short break of 15 minutes, in which we could get a drink and/or eat a cookie, even though the good ones (chocolate chip) had already run out.

After the short break, we returned to the other speeches. This time the third years did their speeches, 10 in total. Quincy was 7th. After her amazing speech about the science behind dreaming and fantasizing, we went on and listened to the other 3.

When all the speeches were over, we got another small break while the judges decided who were going to be the winners. Then, everyone sat down and the chairman of the judges started talking about how impressive it was that the speakers were able to do their speeches so well. Then finally, he announced the winners. He started with the speakers in the second year. The runner-up was Eliza, and the winner was a girl called Rosanne. He went on with the speakers in the third year. The runner-up of the third year was a girl called Nynke, and the winner was Quincy, which is, of course, quite impressive.
Many congratulations to Quincy and to Lisa! We are all proud of your achievements.
Quincy will be going on to defend her title in the National finals on 10th April. We wish her every success.